Justin Canton    & Kevin Catwell are two independent creatives who have come togther to form Blackfire Beats. They have been in the music and film industries for some time, and they have independently worked under many different pseudonyms. They have produced music for major and independent record labels, alongside some of the top library companies.

Justin Kevin recently teamed up to form Blackfire Beats and their aim is to bring people the best of what they have learnt over the years, with their new collaborative creations.

They have both independently written and produced many different genres of music, and have collaborated with many interesting and talented artists.

Blackfire Beats is now starting to find it’s way on social media, whilst growing across many platforms in a short period of time. Their aim is to build the status of Blackfire Beats in positive and an organic way.

Mariana is the Blackfire Beats presenter / influencer who brings updates and info on all the projects from time to time.

Please get in touch for collaborations, or any information regarding Blackfire Beats.

CONTACT US @ : blackfirebeats@gmail.com


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